Death by PowerPoint can kill your speaking career …

Find out how to create heart-centered, persuasive slide shows – and pump life into your presentations!

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According to Inc. Magazine, the #1 bad habit that ruins good presentations is …
Starting with an Apology.

And guess what too many presenters start apologizing for – even before they begin their speech?

Their slides!!!

“Please excuse my slides.”

“I was up all night working on my speech and didn’t work on my PowerPoints as much as I should.”

“Bad slide. Bad slide.”

These are Facts!

Poorly designed PowerPoints will destroy your presentation. That’s because – the part of the brain that processes visual information is 10 times larger than the part that hears your voice. So – what your audience sees (your slides) is more impactful and memorable than what they hear (your voice). If your slides aren’t designed to appeal to the visual brain of your audience, your presentation flunks. 

It’s what we call Death by PowerPoint. And what’s the cost of flunking out? Incalculable. Loss of respect. Lost business. Loss of revenue. The problem is most people – even graphic designers – don’t know how to design a tasteful, impactful, action-producing slide presentation.

What We Do

We specialize exclusively in helping busy executives and presenters create slide shows and webinars that inspire audiences into action.

Our 5 Days to Stage BootCamp

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Pop Quiz

How do you crop a photo for best effect?

When do you use animation to tell your story?

What font brings your audience closer to “yes?”

And now we invite you to join us as we reveal the secrets of creating persuasive, compelling PowerPoint presentations.

Here’s What’s Included

The Presentation Completion Weekend BootCamp is a complete 100% comprehensive learning-and-doing online boot camp that teaches you how to create slide decks that sell your products, services, and ideas.

You will learn how to:

    • Select visuals that embody a whole world in one picture
    • Convey information through passion, compassion, and expression
    • Tell your story using some of the same techniques Disney uses

Taught over an entire week, the 5 Days to Stage BootCamp consists of five sessions, each 90 minutes long.

Session 1:  The basic principles of slide design – how to use a template … what fonts to use … what the different colors mean and how to select your color scheme.

Session 2:  Visuals – where to find great ones, and when it’s appropriate (and even preferable) to use photos from home.

Session 3:  Charts and graphs – how to enrich your message through tables, bar charts, and graphs. 

Session 4:  Animation – Over use … under use … and getting it right. Finding tasteful transitions that hold your audience’s attention, without making them feel like you’ve gone into some kind of whacky wanderings.

Session 5:  How to prep for a ballroom setting, webinar, or simply standing in front of a small group. Bringing it all together – Making sure your slides stand on their own and bring your audience to the conclusion that you want them to reach.

Pop Quiz

How long does it take to absorb a slide – 
and when should you move to the next one?

At the end of the weekend, you will emerge with a full-blown PowerPoint presentation that will impel and compel your audience to action. It may be one that you need for a special project, or it may be an ever-green that you use over and over again.

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OK. This Sounds Fabulous. How Much?

Consider this …

Is it possible you’re just a PowerPoint presentation away from more business, more revenue, wider audiences?

Maybe that’s a stretch.

Maybe it’s two or three speaking gigs away from meeting your goals for the year.

The investment for the entire weekend is $1,997.

But in many ways it will cost you nothing when you consider what gaining one new client, one new commitment, or one new call-to-action will bring you.

Ready to Take That First Step?

We believe that learning how to create outstanding PowerPoints – slides that reach the hearts and visual minds of your audience are Master Skills – and ones that we can teach to you.

The only thing you need to do right now is register. After that you can anticipate a full weekend of spreading your creative wings and learning Master Skills that will be with you for the rest of your life.

PS. Your very next presentation can and will bring in new business. You’re only one click away from learning how.

The 5 Days to Stage Bootcamp schedule is
from 9am -10:30am Pacific US time and is
delivered over 5 weeks with 1 60-90 minute session per week.

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Kathryn Dager President

"Brigette is a visual magician!…She captured the emotions and spirit better than I could have imagined."

John Pietro Marketing Executive

"Brigette has done a fantastic job of creating powerful, persuasive, and visually interesting presentations. "

We Make Stuff Happen

"I sent my main keynote to Brigette. She gracefully elevated my baby from a B to an A+! Can't wait to deliver this and kick A$$ in 2017 - thank you Babilon Arts!"

Danielle Isaac
Business SOULutions

"Thanks to Brigette, our slides look much more classy and professional. They're vibrant and visually rich helping our audiences to stay engaged throughout our entire talks."

Our 5 Days to Stage BootCamp

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