Do you speak to a live audience on stage or through webinars?

Have you ever wondered if they are grasping what you are saying?

Have you considered that maybe your slides are BORING?

This FREE live webinar is scheduled for October 29th at 11am PST!

My presentation design tips are your secret sauce.

I will be revealing before and after slides that will show you how to improve your presentation and engage your audience and inspire them into action.

After the program you will NEVER look at a slide presentation the same again!

You will learn how to stop boring your audience and wasting their time by:

  1. Creating a cohesive structure by building on a template or a grid
  2. How you can get lots of impact from a great image
  3. Utilizing the power of animations lightly for a professional look

Give them the wow experience that moves them
to action and engages them to work with you.

This FREE live webinar is scheduled for October 29th at 11am PST!

What Others Are Saying:

Kathryn Dager
Owner of
Profitivity and Business SOULutions

"Brigette is a visual magician!…She captured the emotions and spirit better than I could have imagined."

John Pietro
Worked with Wendy's to create "Where's The Beef?" Campaign

"Brigette has done a fantastic job of creating powerful, persuasive, and visually interesting presentations. "

Jonathan Christian
Founder of We Make Stuff Happen

"I sent my main keynote to Brigette. She gracefully elevated my baby from a B to an A+! Can't wait to deliver this and kick A$$ in 2019 - thank you Babilon Arts!"

Danielle Isaac
Author - From Exhausted to Exuberant

"Thanks to Brigette, our slides look much more classy and professional. They're vibrant and visually rich helping our audiences to stay engaged throughout our entire talks."

Angie K Elliston
Author - Phoenix Bound

"Excellent training! I love your ability to see what can be better.
Great graphics that tell a story. I will take what I've learned to improve my work!"